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Financial protection for your loved ones

Securing your family’s financial future is one of the most significant ways you can take care of them. Sanlam Life Cover eases the burden on your family should you die unexpectedly by paying out a once-off tax-free amount that can be used to cover their expenses now and in years to come – expenses like funeral and estate administration costs, outstanding debts and daily needs.
Sanlam has been protecting financial futures for over 100 years and their range of life cover products is designed to meet your individual circumstances and needs. Sanlam is also committed to paying on the promise and follow a consistent, fair and objective assessment approach.


Why Sanlam Life Insurance

  • Cover that can be personalised to meet your needs
  • From as little as R100 pm
  • Tax-free payout
  • Built-in Wealth Bonus®
  • Option of a quick payout to cover immediate expenses
  • Cashback rewards with Sanlam Matrix
  • Quick and easy application process


Sanlam rewards your commitment

Sanlam has created two valuable benefits that reward you for keeping your cover in place.

As a Sanlam Matrix client, you have the option of adding the Cashback benefit to any qualifying new or existing risk plan. It rewards you for keeping your cover intact, and pays out after 15 years of continued contributions to your policy. A set additional payment of 35% is charged for the Cashback benefit on a specific cover layer. This payment falls away after 15 years – even if the Cashback amount is left to further accumulate – ensuring great value for money. Put the payout towards your children’s education, home renovations, unexpected expenses or even your retirement. Alternatively, you can choose to leave your lump sum to grow until you need it.

You can also look forward to benefiting from Wealth Bonus® – a portion of your contribution that’s invested in a Money Market fund until you turn 70, ensuring that your money keeps making money. With every 60 premiums you pay, a portion of your Wealth Bonus® is made available to you to withdraw or leave invested.

Cover options

What about additional cover?


Income Protection

Sanlam Income Protection protects you and your family against unexpected events like illness or disability with a monthly payout that helps to support your current lifestyle.


Funeral Cover

Is your family in a position to cover the costs of a funeral? Sanlam Funeral Cover offers up to R100 000 cover for you and up to 21 beneficiaries, with most claims paid out within hours.


Disability Cover

Sanlam Disability Cover helps you manage the financial implications of a permanent disability with a lump-sum payout that can be used for day-to-day and disability-related expenses.


Severe Illness Cover

Would you be financially stable if you were suddenly diagnosed with a serious illness or suffered a heart attack? Sanlam Severe Illness Cover helps you cover everyday expenses as well the costs associated with a dread disease.


Cancer Benefit

The Sanlam Cancer Benefit provides comprehensive cover for cancers, tumours, leukaemia and lymphomas with a cash payout that can be used for out-of-pocket medical costs and the many hidden costs associated with this disease.


Credit Life Cover

Are you planning to take out a home loan or similar large loan? Sanlam Credit Life Cover ensures that your loan is paid if you are unable to do so as a result of retrenchment or disability, or because you pass away.

Get expert financial advice

Speak to us now and get advice from an accredited financial planner.


Sanlam Online Health Statement

When you apply for Sanlam risk cover, we try our utmost to make the process as convenient and effortless as possible. For that purpose, Sanlam created an online solution whereby you can capture your health statement online, in your own time, in privacy, using your smartphone, computer or tablet.

Watch the short video to know what to expect.

Life Events

Every chapter of your life covered

Starting your career

Starting your career

There are few things more exciting than your first pay check. And few things more critical to your financial success than protecting your ability to earn an income. So make sure your future is safeguarded against illness and disability.

Getting married

Getting married

The moment you say “I do”, you and your spouse are financially committed to one another for the long term. Take the time to explore your cover options and ensure that your financial future is secure should anything happen to one of you.

Buying a house

Buying a house

Putting down roots is one of the biggest financial commitments you’ll ever make. When it comes to applying for a home loan, make sure that the life cover you choose has a proven track record.

Having a baby

Having a baby

Starting a family brings with it great joy – and even greater responsibility. Make sure that your growing family’s future is secure by taking out life cover that is designed to support them financially should you pass away unexpectedly.