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About Financial Planning

Why do you need financial advice?

If you’ve called on the help of professionals to give you medical or legal advice, you’ll know that there’s nothing like professional training in a specialised field to set you on the right path.

Our licenced financial planners are authorised by Sanlam. Consulting a specialist is essential to help guide your important financial decisions.

The process

The processes we follow are proven and authorised by Sanlam

Our financial planners will help you develop a complete financial plan. This will include information on how to get the amount of cover you need, how to invest your money based on your individual financial situation, how to get the best benefits based on your individual tax structure and how to ensure that your retirement savings portfolio is properly managed.

When you engage the services of a professional financial planner, you can expect to go through a specific process so that the planner can identify and meet your goals.

Your planner will provide you with a holistic approach to make sure that your financial needs are understood, planned for, executed and reviewed on a regular basis.

What to expect from our financial planning process, step by step


1 - The initial meeting

This is where you will talk about your financial objectives and requirements to decide the way forward.


2 - Identifying your goals

The financial planner will ask questions and discuss your planning needs with you.


3 - Assessing your financial situation

A thorough analysis of your existing financial situation is important to design a financial plan that is meaningful and attainable.


4 - Preparing a financial plan

Your financial planner will provide you with written recommendations or a proposal about how to invest or insure yourself, based on your needs.


5 - Implementation

Once you're happy with the financial planner's recommendation, he/she will implement your financial plan with the investment, savings or insurance-based solutions you agreed on.


6 - Review

Your financial needs will change as your life changes. You may get married, have children, lose a spouse, or lose your job. You and your financial planner should have an agreement to regularly review your financial plan.

Needs Assessment

Why your information is important to us?

Your financial planner needs to understand your personal and financial situation and your financial needs in order to do financial planning. You can provide this information before a consultation to increase the effectiveness of the consultation. You only need to provide information that you feel comfortable sharing; if additional information is required before a consultation we will contact you.

Get expert financial advice

Speak to us now and get advice from an accredited financial planner.

Drafting a will

It’s never too early or too late to start drafting a will.

A will stipulates how your property, possessions, money and other assets will be distributed when you pass away. It will also give you peace of mind that your estate will be taken care of. Speak to a financial adviser about drafting your will.

The Investment process

What to expect from the investment process

The proven investment process is supported by Sanlam’s research team.
Our planners consider:

  • Your goals
  • Your risk profile
  • Your time horizon
  • Your tax strategy
  • Your specific preferences
  • All legal provisions

They then propose an investment solution with realistic targets that will be closely monitored and adapted to changing circumstances.

Life Events

Every chapter of your life covered

Starting your career

Starting your career

There are few things more exciting than your first pay check. And few things more critical to your financial success than protecting your ability to earn an income. So make sure your future is safeguarded against illness and disability.

Getting married

Getting married

The moment you say “I do”, you and your spouse are financially committed to one another for the long term. Take the time to explore your cover options and ensure that your financial future is secure should anything happen to one of you.

Buying a house

Buying a house

Putting down roots is one of the biggest financial commitments you’ll ever make. When it comes to applying for a home loan, make sure that the life cover you choose has a proven track record.

Having a baby

Having a baby

Starting a family brings with it great joy – and even greater responsibility. Make sure that your growing family’s future is secure by taking out life cover that is designed to support them financially should you pass away unexpectedly.