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Simplify offshore investing with Glacier International

Glacier International’s Navigate Optimised Portfolios comprise a guided list of investment choices to help simplify investing offshore.

These portfolios have been constructed to appeal both to investors who are new to offshore investing and looking for guidance, as well as to seasoned offshore investors who are looking for a considered offshore investment solution. Essentially, Navigate Optimised Portfolios take care of the portfolio management decisions for you.

Navigate Optimised Portfolios

The Navigate Optimised Portfolios have enjoyed a successful track record and are available in two currency options – USD and GBP. Investors, together with their financial advisers, can select from one of three risk profiles – cautious, moderate and aggressive. The portfolios are carefully monitored and actively managed as market conditions or manager circumstances change, with the aim of meeting clients’ financial needs and expectations.

The primary objective in managing the solutions is to deliver excess returns relative to the average of the respective peer group.

Why choose Navigate Optimised Portfolios?

  • Enjoy the guidance, simplicity and peace of mind provided by these portfolios. Once the risk profile and currency selection have been established, an appropriate optimised portfolio can be chosen.
  • The portfolios are administered, monitored and rebalanced on your behalf.
  • The underlying funds are carefully selected and comprise market-leading global fund management companies with superior track records and qualitative characteristics. Complementary philosophies and approaches to investing add diversification to the portfolios.
  • You have 24-hour online access to view your investment.

Glacier Financial Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a licensed financial services provider.

Glacier International is a division of Sanlam Life Insurance Ltd, a Licensed Life Insurer, Financial Services and Registered Credit Provider (NCRCP43).

The Global Life Plan is an offshore endowment policy and the Global Investment Plan is an offshore sinking fund.  Both policies are issued by the Sanlam Life Insurance Bermuda branch.

The Glacier Offshore Investment Plan is a flexible, discretionary savings vehicle which offers investors the opportunity to invest offshore, accessing different markets and currencies. The Glacier Offshore Investment Plan is administered by Glacier Financial Solutions (Pty) Ltd, licensed administrative financial services provider, FSP 770.

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