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Sanlam Premier life insurance for Professionals and Graduates

As a graduate or professional, you’ve invested time and money in building your career. And we’re committed to helping you build your wealth and protect your loved ones should the unexpected happen. The Sanlam Premier life insurance range for Professionals and Graduates has been designed especially for graduates and professionals and offers unparalleled cover with market-leading benefits,  competitive rates, and its own Wealth Bonus®.

And now there’s an additional benefit to look forward to: if you invest in a Cumulus Echo Retirement plan and take up qualifying Premier life insurance with Sanlam, you’ll get exclusive access to Wealth Bonus Booster®, which means more value and greater rewards.


Why choose Sanlam Premier life insurance for Professionals and Graduates?

Income solutions customised to your needs

The Sickness Income benefits allow you to receive an income if you’re booked off sick and cannot work – this is especially important if you’re self-employed. Sanlam also offer payouts for certain lifestyle-changing disabilities and illnesses, even if you can still work, and long-term payments under Extended Income benefits.

Most comprehensive disability cover

Sanlam’s lump sum disability benefits pay a lump sum if you are ill or injured and cannot ever again work in your occupation. Like the income benefits, it also pays for certain lifestyle-changing disabilities and illnesses, even if you can still work. If you temporarily stop working, like being on a sabbatical, maternity leave or retrenched, you can continue to enjoy cover. And unlike other lump sum benefits in the market, Sanlam's Plus and Elite options also protect against the risk of being unable to work for an extended period, even if the disability is not permanent.

Comprehensive cover for severe Illness

Pays for more than 300 illnesses and injuries across all body systems, including catch-all events for further peace of mind. Sanlam's market-leading cancer and cardiovascular cover is also available as standalone benefits.

The widest range of accidental benefits in the market

This enables you to be covered against accidental death and disability when you have health challenges that may disqualify you from other insurance cover.

Cover that starts working before you do

Qualifying students in their second year of study can take out comprehensive insurance cover before they start working and continue this cover into their working life.

Cover for immediate and extended family

If you’re married or have children, you can cover your loved ones against various health events. A payout when a spouse or child becomes seriously ill or injured can alleviate financial stress and enable you to focus on their wellbeing. You also have the option of adding funeral cover for immediate and extended family members to your policy.

Cover with added value

Cover that grows old with you

Sanlam's insurance benefits provide whole of life options. This means you can stay covered into retirement, when the cost of living with certain disabilities and illnesses can impact your financial security.

Enjoy access to Wealth Bonus® and Wealth Bonus® Booster

If you’re investing in a Sanlam Cumulus Echo Retirement plan, which comes with its own Wealth Bonus®, and also have Sanlam Premier life insurance with Wealth Bonus, you can have exclusive access to Wealth Bonus® Booster. Minimum contribution and premium requirements apply.

Cover that works as hard as you do

You can opt to add the Cashback benefit to ensure you get even more value from your insurance cover, whether or not you need to claim.

T’s and C’s apply

A claim will only be considered if the life insured meets the contractual claim event definition of the claim event in question, as well as any other contractual requirements, as set out in the applicable contract documents.

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