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Invest with ease through Glacier’s investment platform

Imagine diving into a pool that never ends.  That’s what exploring an ocean of limitless possibility feels like.  Glacier by Sanlam’s investment platform offers you the widest choice of top local and global investment funds from different fund managers, that you can mix and match, all in one place.

What is an investment platform and what does it do?

Imagine an investment platform as a shopping mall for funds. It provides a single entry point to a broad universe of investments.

It’s important to choose a platform that offers lots of choice; not all of them do.  The more choice you have, the better the risk-adjusted returns should be over time. An investment platform also offers investment ‘wrappers’ such as a retirement annuity (RA), living annuity, endowments and tax-free savings accounts (TFSAs).

With Glacier’s investment platform, your financial adviser has a portal to the widest range of investments, in one place. This gives them the option to mix and match your fund selection for ultimate personalisation, putting your unique needs at the core of your portfolio.

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Why use the Glacier investment platform?


A variety of investment options

Glacier offers the widest range of investment options, across the risk spectrum, from conservative to aggressive.


A single entry point to a broad universe of investments

Funds from leading local and international asset managers – all in one place.


Flexibility & choice

Your adviser can mix and match your underlying funds for ultimate personalisation, and you can change your selection easily.


Investment advice

Benefit from the advice and guidance of a financial adviser.


24/7 online accessibility


Individualised admin

Easily download statements, reports & tax certificates.

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