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Cumulus Echo Retirement Plan with Wealth Bonus® Booster for Graduates

We know that, as a graduate, you have invested time, money and energy to grow your knowledge, skills and expertise. So, while your financial partner helps you to create wealth over time and protect you and your loved ones when the unexpected happens, it is also important that they reward you for making the right financial decisions.

When you invest in both your retirement and life insurance with Sanlam, we invest in you. You get Wealth Bonus® as part of your product benefit proceeds, in addition as a graduate you have an exclusive opportunity to earn even more Wealth Bonus® with Wealth Bonus® Booster.

What is Wealth Bonus®?

Wealth Bonus® is a long-term monetary benefit embedded into Sanlam’s flagship products that aims to help build meaningful long-term wealth at no extra cost to you. How does it work? We match a percentage of your monthly insurance premium, allocating it to your Wealth Bonus®. At certain future dates, you will have access to some of the money in your Wealth Bonus®, and, if you maintain your insurance policy until the Wealth Bonus® cease date, all the money will eventually become available as a lump sum.

earn even more

What is Wealth Bonus® Booster?

To qualify for Wealth Bonus® Booster you must be a life insured on a Matrix Premier risk plan with Wealth Bonus® as well as a Cumulus Echo Retirement Plan for Graduates that both meet the minimum qualifying criteria.

In addition to the current Wealth Bonus® you are accumulating, Sanlam Life will now also calculate an amount related to the payments made on these plans, which will accumulate over time to provide Wealth Bonus® Booster. At certain future dates, a portion of your accumulated Wealth Bonus® Booster will become unlocked, provided certain
qualifying criteria are being met.

With the Cumulus Echo Retirement Plan, Sanlam offers enhanced value specifically for graduates through its excellent product features:


Increased wealth

Everytime you make payments on these qualifying plans, Sanlam Life calculates an amount related to these payments which accumulates over time to provide Wealth Bonus®Booster.


Compound interest

Wealth Bonus® Booster will grow with market related interest net of tax


Access to funds

Wealth Bonus® Booster offers earlier partial unlocking according to when you first qualified for Wealth Bonus Booster


Easy tracking

You can track your growing Wealth Bonus® Booster and access any unlocked funds via the Wealth Bonus® dashboard on the Sanlam Client Portal

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