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Ready for winter: Are you adequately prepared?

Winter is around the corner and while it may give rise to cosy nights by the fireplace, it also brings its fair share of pitfalls which, if not adequately managed, can potentially lead to financial loss. Two of the most common threats that insurers highlight over the winter season are inclement weather activity, such as storms and flooding – particularly in the southern parts of the country, as well as electrical fires caused by heaters.

Winter comes with an increased reliance on electric appliances to bring warmth to our homes, this too comes with a certain level of risk of fires. Both of these have the potential to damage assets, such as homes and vehicles, as well as other goods.

Marius Kemp Head: Personal Underwriting at Santam says that prioritising the protection of your home and valuables against winter-related risks is essential. “Now is the time to assess your property’s vulnerability and take steps to minimise the impact of seasonal changes. Making these updates and adjustments now can help prevent serious damage in the long run, which may set you back financially.”

Proactive tips for your home and possessions

Measures to safeguard your homes and possessions against potential damage

Here is a comprehensive guide below offering proactive measures to safeguard homes and possessions against potential damage. To mitigate the risk of weather-related damage, Marius Kemp shares the below tips:

  • Your roof being exposed to the elements, often takes a beating from temperature fluctuations. Perform regular maintenance on the waterproofing of your roof to address any possible water leaks during rainy periods.
  • Clear out gutters regularly to ensure proper water drainage from the roof.
  • Look out for weak branches that could break in strong winds, potentially damaging your property.
  • Ensure roof tiles are not damaged or loose to withstand winter storms' powerful gusts.

As we rely more on electric appliances during the winter months, the risk of residential fires increases. Kemp advises:

  • To safeguard your family, ensure you have a regularly serviced fire extinguisher at home if you don't already.
  • Be vigilant with winter's most used electrical devices like heaters and electric blankets, as they can be common causes of electrical fires.
  • Replace worn plugs and cords and take note if fuses or circuits frequently trip. While fuses are replaceable, recurring blown fuses or tripped circuits may indicate an underlying issue that requires investigation.
  • Always double-check that all appliances are switched off before leaving the house as this is often a fire starter in many homes.
  • Keep heating appliances at least a meter away from flammable materials like curtains or plastic containers and designate someone to ensure they're switched off at the end of each day.

“As you prepare your homes for the winter season, it's essential to remember that proactive measures can make all the difference in protecting our properties and loved ones, says Kemp.

“Additionally, staying informed about insurance coverage and emergency preparedness ensures that you're ready to handle any challenges that may arise. With careful planning and attention to detail, you can navigate the winter season with confidence, knowing that your homes are well-prepared to weather the elements.” Kemp concludes.


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